Real Screamo Compilation Vol. 4

by Real Screamo

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released March 8, 2014

Artwork by Marianne Horsley. (
Intro PSA by Rob Marley included as a bonus track when downloaded. (



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Track Name: Another Five Minutes - One Spark, One Chance
I want to run away, leave everything behind
I wish I could meet the kid I used to be many years ago
To rise or to fall, at least give it a try
I wish I could spend these days again, when all I could do was dream

Instead of it, I’m waiting for a better tomorrow that I won’t see
My life’s a sleepless night

If I can get just one spark, one chance

I became the person you wanted me to be
You’ve defined myself over the years

And if all good things must end, they must firstly begin

But when the sun
But when the sun goes down, I’ll be ready to leave and start everything over


“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction”
And as my eyes were shutting down
My life started to tumble down like a deck of cards
All of a sudden, I saw nothing, or everything; it’s hard to say
For the first time in a long time I felt alive
Track Name: Atalanta - Cold Winter Showers
What will our friends think of this?
I couldn't care any less.
They'll stop contradicting (themselves) and get over it.
This bit of struggle will be worth it.
So fucking worth it.
You always say, "Don't hate me" before you hurt me.
These showers were the first to make me clean.
Did we share too much?
Grab on.
Take hold.
I won't let go.
I could never let go.
Track Name: Barrow - Dogwood
Where can I find a shred of light throughout this desolation? It all ends the same. I don’t know if I can be there to lead the procession home. Not me. Not anyone. Not me. How many years will I miss? Days? Weeks? Nothing you’ve said is forgotten, tainted, rusted away. I’ll carry you with me. I’m not alone any more. I promise. It’s just sometimes I can’t stay happy, though I swear I’m still the same. Am I you to your father now? Do we smother the ash in your hair? It’s just worry, weary and weathered, bent through my heart like a stake. Am I you to your father now? I’m anxious, unraveled. I’ll take your words to heart before I carve them into a stone. And what of my children? How well will they know you? I hope that they can see even half of what I do. Time always proves toxic; we’re resilient in youth, but now I’m left praying that age will wait for you. I don’t want to be the one to brush the dust from your hands, hoping that one day I can be a better man.
Track Name: Charlotte Light and Dark - The Darkest Timeline
so i thought i could walk through walls
as it turns out it was walls moving through me.
passive as always, passive as always

if the world stopped turning,
would i just fall through the floor?
would i just fall?
maybe i would.

as projections fade,
and the walls begin to crumble
i miss this old house
i miss the smashed windows
Track Name: Coma Regalia - Serpentine Dreams
awaken. drag myself from this cocoon.
pull out the wires that grant me sleep.
it’s a troubled sleep, but i’ll take it.
in a foreign land with familiar tongues
must this all seem so dramatic?
as i rise to face the apocalypse the words
"i can do this" clear my throat
it will come back to me later
but just as i stumble for the words
it’s someone else’s that spill from my mouth

sated by crusts of bread and nothing
driven by something you can’t see
everyone has always wanted something
but what i want will surely never be

i know what that means
could some think that’s sane?
so lost, so long, so i forget it
so far gone now
Track Name: Deathdealer. - The Promise (Don't Forget)
I wanted to be there
I wanted to change things
I wanted to be alright
But my hopeless obsession was endlessly growing
I'm sorry I lost my mind

Notice me

I'll ring your phone and scream your name to try to pacify my inner flame
But after all, I know it's not your fault

What's it mean to want what you can't have?
It's much more than just a waste of time
I just thought that you should know
You are always on my mind
I'm not sure if i can make you happy
But I promise if you let me try
I can mend all your broken bone
and be the ghost that keeps you up at night

"Don't be afraid." That's all she said to me
I know we're all alone, but you shouldn't be afraid to die
I wasn't getting better, so I'm sorry that I lost my drive
But if you give me just one chance maybe I can keep my heart alive
This world of spirits is more than I can take
My former self lies dead rotting at the bottom of the lake

I'm starting to realize I'm stuck in a cycle, condemned to the other side
Can't make a connection with you now that I'm dead so I'm fucking terrified

I understand it's more than confusing
I've moved on but I still love you so
All I can say is that I hope you remember
What you told me all those years ago

You've got one foot in the grave
So why not just go all the way?
Kick out the chair
Don't forget what you promised me

A broken neck or drowning lungs can't hold us back from our eternal love.
Track Name: Descubriendo a Mr.Mime - Le temps detruit tout
Yacemos en el suelo bajo una fina capa de nieve.

El invierno ha llegado,
y nos ha pillado dormidos igual que todos los años.

Dicen que el frío te hace sentir más orgánico,
pero cada deshielo yo me siento más muerto.

Lejos de curar, el tiempo lo destruye todo.
Track Name: DRIFTER - Strata
Somewhere out there where the rock upheaves the soil in oh, so handsome strata, red and pale pages for you to flip through and forget in time with me out there.

Blur across state lines that ever separated me from you. I'll pull out every rib that says our hearts can't beat as one. Will you remember me? Just wear me like your sunburnt rosary, keep me close over your skin. And I'm trying to hold myself together but my patience is growing thin. Those rainy nights that I took those steps back to your front door have changed to days scorching the rocks in a desert that bears your weight no more.

Although they say life will find a way you are dying out. Die out. I will now wait for the river to reclaim what rightfully belongs to it in its depths. Do not tell me how you feel weak when I would stop breathing to better hear you speak. I would stop breathing.
Track Name: Gillian Carter - I Went Down With The Ship (To Save My Family)
Words Can't Express The Feelings That Came Next...
I Went Down With The Ship (To Save My Family)
Track Name: Heart On My Sleeve - Petticoat In Ashes
They saw each other across the room and began talking. He had beautiful eyes and she had a pretty smile. He caressed her hair, she stroke his hand. He asked if they could go somewhere quiet to talk. As soon as the door closed, his eyes changed and he grabbed her and forced her to the floor.
She screamed to the ceiling while he forced her to the floor.
For each time she said no, he said yes.
For every thrust she sank further and further away from herself.
Buried six feet under, she lost everything she had ever had.
10 minutes changed a lifetime, his lust for her will to live.
One truth to another.
We are all ashes now
She will never forget
She will never forgive
We are all ashes now.

One life for another, one will over another.
She lost her smile but oh he kept those eyes. We are all guilty.
Her soul flickered, was ablaze for a second and burned out the next. As long as we all stand idly by, we are all guilty.
From her ashes we all will rise.
We are all guilty.
We are all ashes now
She will never forget
She will never forgive
We are all ashes now.
Petticoat in ashes, we are all guilty, we all burn now.
Track Name: The Homeless - In Loving Memory of What it Could Have Been
I’m counting the memories, if there is any regret.
Searching for harmony in the tears I have shed.
But there is no melody, only complexity.
I always stayed in this city, searching for simplicity.
I once knew the notes here, I’ve played them over and over.
But now I’m seven years older.

Stop the conductor. The timing is wrong.
The notes are getting darker and this takes too long.
And when he finally listened it was already over.
I threw it away, all I was born for.


7 years maybe longer.
I’ve strangled myself
in the arms of the stronger.

And now I’m counting the dreams.
I still know the feeling of your arms wrapped around me.
It was so appealing, but it didn’t fend off the ghosts, who were chasing me.
And they caught me at the point where you left me.

I was wrong, It was always me.
Who was destructively hiding for inner peace.

I’m still searching for the harmony,
that one tune that reflects my hope …

Track Name: Iselia - Truth Behind the Mask
Generous names given to an evil
You were too kind to refuse them
You sought a chance to aid your own
You called the crown
You act alone
Give back our seasons
Give back our home
Only nothing - all was unknown.
Give us to reason
Give us the throne
You knew the stakes, we bought the cost.
Here, now, together
I wonder of the man without the core,
Without the strength before departure.
They see the past, resolve and compassion
of childhood innocence and promises unkept.
Conclude no longer
doubt remains
A facade before my eyes
dust of the earth.
it falls to us to see this through.
I would never hurt the ones that I love
what kind of man are you
We'll try. We'll fight.
We'll Stand upright.
Your name will haunt you
As its been doing me for so long
And I hope that name will haunt you
For every last unseen wrong
Light the dark, reveal the truth, show you
Remove your mask.
Maybe we can't replace what was
but we'll mend disrepair and
sew clean your good faith
Or What's left
Seems like I've been neglecting,
kind man
Let my anger be forgiven
Full of wisdom, towering kingdom
Step forth
And sew clean your clean faith
Track Name: Love Is A Black Widow - Keystrokes
The result of weeks alone shows
In unfinished sentences and broken vocal chords
I'm forgetting things I learned along the way
And replacing them with keystrokes and keybindings
and maybe I'd be better off
If I crushed the keys and learned to talk
Rip the cable from my backlit heaven
My eyes feel so fucking strained
Rip the cable from my 16:9 hell
I've forgotten how to speak
Track Name: Øjne - Naufragio
Capita a volte di dire addio
alle cose sbagliate
nelle parole scritte di getto
negli aeroporti, nelle stazioni.
Capita tutti i giorni.
Cerco rifugio, cerco conforto
nei conti alla rovescia
nelle domande senza risposte
non voglio sapere a cosa pensi
prima di dormire.
Sei in tutti i sogni che faccio
tranne quelli che mi ricordo
quando mi sveglio, e tutto è diverso
meglio di come lo ricordavo.
Ora che il sole ruba il mio sguardo
Ora mi fermo, ora capisco.
E smetto di contare.
Ora che posso guardare il mare
senza vedere nessun naufragio
solo orizzonti di terre lontane
e il tempo infinito per arrivarci.
Oggi, per me, non c'è nessun naufragio.
Track Name: Roanoke - Skeletons
The feeling of an ending is overwhelming,
and I can feel my happiness leaving with it.
I can't catch my breath.
The best thing I've ever had is ending before it begins.
And I've watched all of my friends
wither away into skeletons.
But I've been hiding them in my closet
so I can't blame them.
Each time I see them
their bones grow weaker.

I only pray to god to feel like somebody's listening.

Why is everything so temporary?
I want my friends back with beating hearts and skin.
Track Name: The Saddest Landscape - Redefining Loneliness
We were pulsed and on edge, drunk on summer promises.
We felt terminally used by lovers and friends, lovers and friends.
We tattoo hearts, get lost in song, dance in bedrooms and reclaim our lives.
This is the line in the sand, this is what's important to us

So up the decay, up the heartache,
Up the isolation, up the loneliness,
Up the mistrust, and we will up the loss.

We will live like we are outlaws,
Confident failures knowing it will never be this good again,
And we will not love like it is revenge.
By the time that they are through with us we will be magnificent,
Clinging to such slender hopes that were so selfishly worn,
We are ready to bet big so consider our debts paid.
Track Name: Shizune - In Memoria di Nessuno
"contorni senza fine"
è il modo per rinchiudere quei giorni
spesi o persi
a cercarti dentro di me
ho scelto di restare
accanto alla memoria di un amore
di cui non tengo ormai
più alcun ricordo
non ha riposo un cuore
messo a nudo dalla ragione
esposto al proprio ritmo
che non può
opporsi al tempo
che più avanza
più ci spinge indietro
la più bella storia
quanto mai fu la nostra
ma è tardi ormai
è tardi.
Track Name: ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Ser Humano
Este es el principio de un ancestral viaje, en el cual los actos son el equipaje.
Borrosas voces guían el camino
Cada segundo de la historia apilado sobre el ente.
Eres el sonido circular.
Track Name: Solanas - "This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time"
Die, we'll die in sleepless arms with outstretched hands. We'll die and never know our enemies.
Love, we'll love in open arms with poured-out hearts. We'll love and always know our best intentions.
Talking won't save my art, walking away won't save my soul.
Rough hands, cold heart - no cause for useless art.
Six miles apart - no use for lifeless heart.
Track Name: State Faults - Despera
i never tasted the dew
that the morning had placed so softly on my heart
i never savored the sweet taste of youth
and now it's wasted away
how every breath is a whispered wish
every moment a dream
when the coastal fog creeps in
we disappear into silhouettes
i carved a hole into my chest
let apparitions dance in my head
i held on to a fading dream
and felt the floor fall from under me
i dreamed of living forever
and felt the years ravage me
i traced the map time drew on my palms
and found no fountain of youth
a lost schematic spoken in tongues
an undeniable truth
a drop of angels blood cant compare
to the taste of the morning dew
Track Name: Tallgeese - Said "Nothing" And Began Firing
my poor heart, dragged through mud
Track Name: Tel Fyr - It All Went West
Track Name: [This is not for you.] - Anton-Babinski Syndrome
Your bowed head, cupped palms [degenerate]
Sessile motives [morality]
Nervous withdrawl [you'll soon forget]
Go unnoticed [loom over me]
Breath writhes through a heretic's arid jaw.
Your stiffened joints have brought you to this.
Leeching in crepuscular light to exist.
Sarcophaga nodosa, scavenge on remains.
It all dries and dies eventually.
You're staring with disgust at the basin crafted from avarice.
All the pleas and the screams, "I have nothing to do with this."
What do you think that you deserve in turn for aimless strides?
Breaking at the makeshift seams of tact; worthlessness recognized.
Hindsight bestowed upon predecessent seers. Illusory pleading falls on the deaf ears of the wise.
Nail your lips together and your hand behind your back.
Give it up.
Hunched over in sickness still begging. You live so desperate.
The resin of what you can offer (projections; desolate).
You bind me, inscribing guilt into an innocent slate.
Infecting feeble minds, your ideals plague those who tread the wake.
Track Name: Trachimbrod - Don't Trust Experts
Dream to soar on thunder
Or shudder at the quake.
Willing wings to rise above
Or willing beasts to bear the burden
Never let these seeds sow
Before the coming flood.
The lands ahead lie covered with rock and ash,
But a billion backs move to till.
Single hand, my cup, little water,
While these legs take the river.
In strength we may never raise our hands
While the single is forced to fall.
Drive out lonely sin
And collapse into stronger arms.
The tempest may overpower your words;
The snow may freeze your lungs.
Dare to raise your head above the clouds;
Dare to stretch limb outward,
To be pulled by the tides.
Arms will rise to support the weight.
Never fear the fall;
The world will shift.
Dream to read the stars
While these arms take the weight .
Track Name: Vi som älskade varandra så mycket - Livet, kärleken och den förbannade ångesten
Samma sak varje gång vi ses och däremellan en evighet. Du och jag.
Du och jag betyder mycket för varann, men jag vill ha så mycket mera men det är nåt du inte kan ge mig. Vad gör vi för fel?
Vad gör vi med alla känslor som finns kvar? För varje gång vi träffas, du river ner mina försvar. Som om de fanns, någonsin, för dig.
Den första gången som jag pratade med dig, jag fatta inte riktigt men det hände nåt med mig. Och varje gång, är samma sak.

Du är en våg som sköljer över mig, vilse i ditt vatten, förlorar mig i dig.
Du är en vind, som blåser mig bort. Det finns inga barriärer, du har rivit ner mitt fort.

Det finns stunder som jag önskar att jag aldrig träffat dig, men all glädje, alla sorger, det är det som formar mig. Hur kan jag glömma? Varför glömma?

Du är ett regn som faller över mig, vilse i ditt vatten, förlorar mig i dig.
Du är en storm, som blåser mig bort. Det finns inga barriärer, du har rivit ner mitt fort.
Du är en eld som brinner inom mig och även om du värmer, så förgör du också mig.
Du är en sol och när jag kommer nära dig, då lossnar mina vingar, då faller jag för dig.

Du är en konversation jag önskar aldrig tog slut.

Du är en våg. Du är en vind. Du är ett regn. Du är en storm.
Du är en eld som brinner inom mig och även om du värmer, så förgör du också mig.
Du är en sol och när jag kommer nära dig, då lossnar mina vingar, då faller jag för dig.
Track Name: Via Fondo - Nya Utsikter: del 2
"I will get colder,
remind me of that

wake me up if i fall asleep
and if you see me sink, let me sink
but if i float dead to the surface, wake me up

and if you see me, if you see me... sink...
but if you se me, if you see me harden,
keep me under the surface, until i understand.
until I understand, until i feel"
Track Name: Wounds - I've Gained
I've gained a sense of clarity. I've gained a new meaning to life. A sense so
unmatched by complexes so strong. A meaning where I can see no wrong. I'm sorry
you had to part ways with me. I've gained strength through sincerity.

Strength through sincerity.
Please forgive me, please forgive me.